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902, 2023

Agmatine Sulfate: Overview, Benefits and Side Effects

By Richard Johnson|February 9th, 2023|

Table of Contents Introduction A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Forms of Agmatine Sulfate What is Agmatine Sulfate and How Does it Work? The Role of Agmatine Sulfate in Enhancing Cognitive Function How to Use Agmatine Sulfate for Maximum Effectiveness The Benefits of Agmatine Sulfate for Improved Mental and Physical [...]

3107, 2019

Tocopherol and muscles – vitamin E paradox

By Richard Johnson|July 31st, 2019|

Vitamin E has been considered to be an anabolic factor since 'the beginning of time'. In addition to vitamin B12, also known as dibenocoside, it was another micro-nutrient substance used passionately by all athletes to support the development of muscle mass and strength. Despite the enormous popularity of vitamin [...]