Testosterone Guide A-Z

In recent years, a number of myths and false information have grown around steroids. Also, many forums refuse to help people who ask basic questions about their use. In this article I will try to provide the necessary knowledge about testosterone to conduct the first cycle. 

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in the human body. It is commonly considered to be a “male hormone” because its concentration in men is several times higher than in women. However, it is essential for the proper functioning of both sexes. 

Testosterone and its derivative DHT are responsible for the majority of male genital traits, affect anabolism (muscle building speed), libido, spermogenesis, memory, self-confidence, general health and well-being.  

testosterone vial

In recent years, its average level among the whole population has been decreasing due to omnipresent estrogen derivatives. The current generation has about 30% less testosterone than that of the mid-20th century. 

Low testosterone levels have a very negative effect on muscle strength, libido and energy levels. If you have noticed that you are notoriously plagued by these problems, it is worthwhile to test your blood for sex hormones and, if necessary, start hormone replacement therapy. 

Advantages of increasing testosterone levels

  1. Faster growth of muscle tissue
    During the cycle, the ability to build muscles increases significantly. During the first cycle people often gain as much as 10-15 kg of mass, of which 6-10 kg remains after the cycle. It is worth noting that the mass built on the cycle is much better quality than during normal training. 
  2. Faster regeneration
    During the cycle the time needed for regeneration significantly decreases. Most people can easily perform full workouts every day after which they would normally have to regenerate for 1-2 days. 
  3. Increased libido
    While using testosterone, libido increases significantly to levels similar to teenage years, or even higher. In addition to libido, erections also improve due to increased blood density. 
  4. Pump
    During the cycle, the amount of red blood cells and water maintained by the muscles increases. This results in a “juicy look”. The veins are also more visible, giving the illusion of a lower level of fat tissue. 
  5. Increased self-confidence
    Testosterone is known for increasing self-confidence – especially in timid people. Contrary to popular belief, however, it does not increase aggression. 
  6. Better sleep
    Sleep during the cycle is much deeper than normally and the body needs it less (assuming that the volume of training does not increase). 
  7. Better mood
    Testosterone affects the amount of dopamine and cortisol produced. A better balance of these hormones can improve mood, especially in people with depression. 
  8. Strong bones
    Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for bone strength. With the increase in its level in the body, bone density increases as well. 
  9. Beard
    A DHT testosterone derivative is responsible for the growth of the beard. During the cycle, its level increases, boosting the growth rate of the beard hair and its density. 

Side effects

testosterone side effectsUnfortunately, despite its many advantages, testosterone, like practically every substance, also has its drawbacks. Fortunately, all of them can be prevented by using reasonable doses and by getting supplies that can be useful during the cycle. 

Most of the side effects: gynecomastia, water retention, acne or mood swings are caused by too high levels of estrogen in the body. 

Estradiol (E2) is popularly known as the “female hormone”, but like testosterone, it is essential for both sexes. The level of this hormone increases during the cycle as a result of “testosterone aromatisation”, i.e. the conversion of a certain percentage of testosterone into estrogens. Fortunately, all the problems associated with too high levels of Estradiol can be eliminated by using substances called Aromatase Inhibitors, which I will write about later in this article.  

The only possible side effect not associated with Estradiol levels when using testosterone is in fact baldness. Obviously, increased hair loss occurs only in people with genetic predisposition – during the testosterone cycle baldness progresses about twice as fast as normal.

It is caused by an increase in the level of the testosterone derivative – DHT. It can be prevented by using a DHT blocker – finasteride.  

At the same time, I would like to debunk the myth of increased aggression while using testosterone. This is just as true as the fact that computer games make people become murderers. 

I have never met anyone in my life who would become more aggressive with a reasonable dose of testosterone. Moreover, recent research suggests that it is the low level of testosterone that makes men irritable, aggressive and unpleasant. 

Increased aggression from steroids can only occur with Trenbolone.


Types of testosterone

Although there is only one active substance hiding behind the testosterone, it occurs in different forms. Each form differs in its type of ester, a compound combined with a steroid that allows oral use (for tablet steroids) or that breaks down its release time over a longer period (for injectable steroids). 

Your first Testosterone cycle

Estradiol control

As I mentioned earlier, most of the side effects on the cycle are caused by inadequate levels of Estradiol. 

Both too high and too low levels of Estradiol cause problems. Unfortunately, most people are afraid of gynaecomastia or acne and exaggerate the dose of aromatase inhibitors, which gives the opposite effect to the intended one. 

Remember: All side effects associated with inadequate estradiol levels are reversible within 4 weeks of their occurrence. If you suspect that your estradiol level is too high, do a blood test. If you are unable to do so, watch the situation for 2-3 consecutive days instead of making hasty decisions. 

Side effects of too high Estradiol:

  • acne
  • gynaecomastia
  • mood swings (even extreme ones, e.g. crying watching movies) 
  • water retention in the body
  • increased blood pressure
  • nipple itching
  • oily skin
  • lethargy

Side effects of too low Estradiol level:

  • libido/erectile dysfunction problems
  • weak orgasms
  • dry skin
  • increased aggressiveness
  • joint pain
  • fatigue
  • low appetite
  • hair loss

What should I do if my Estradiol levels are too high?

EstradiolIn order to lower the level of estrogens, substances called Aromatase Inhibitors are used. Usually the choice falls on Arimidex (anastrozole) or Aromasin (Exemestanum). 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine the dose you need. The level of aromatase and the appearance of side effects are influenced by genetic predisposition as well as the amount and type of steroids used. 

However, the most popular AI doses for 500mg/week of testosterone are:

0.5mg Arimidex e3.5d (every 3.5 days) 


12.5mg Aromasin e3.5d (every 3.5 day)

Which aromatase inhibitor you choose doesn’t matter much. 

Aromasin is a slightly better AI due to lowering SHBG and increasing IGF-1, but it also increases the risk of baldness. 

Getting rid of problems with too low Estradiol is much easier – just stop taking aromatase inhibitors for a few days.  

Post Cycle Therapy

NolvadexDuring the cycle, the levels of androgens in the body exceed the norm several times. As a result, the body slowly gets accustomed to administering them from the outside and stops their production. 

Once you stop using steroids, your body needs a few weeks to restore production to precycle levels. During this period, you lose a large amount of muscle gain, may have erection problems and may feel unwell. 

Fortunately, all of this can be prevented by using PCT drugs, which stimulate pituitary gland work and thus have a positive effect on the amount of androgens produced. 

Clomid and Nolvadex are most often used to do Post Cycle Therapy (in case of long cycles using several agents it is worth to think about HCG as well). 

It is recommended to start using PCTs after about 4 half-life times from the moment of discontinuation of steroids. 

For testosterone, this is usually 2 weeks (except for short esters such as propionate, where PCT should be started after about 2-3 days).

Dosage of PCT:

Clomid – 50 mg daily

Nolvadex – 20mg daily.

These drugs should be taken at the same time.  

Making an injection

There are two methods of performing injections – intramuscular (IM) and subcutaneous (subq). 

Personally I prefer the latter because it is much simpler, less painful and uses much smaller needles – in short, ideal for beginners. Unfortunately, like any other method, it also has drawbacks. In the case of subq injections you can give a maximum of 0.5 ml of substance at a time. Otherwise, bubbles similar to insect bites form under the skin, which disappear only after a few days. 

Comparison of IM and subq needle sizes:

IM and subq needles

For subq the optimal needle size is 30G x 0.8cm (0.3″).

For IM, the optimal needle size is 25G x 2.5cm (1″).

Obviously, in both cases, both the length of the needle and its diameter (the higher the number G, the smaller the diameter of the needle) can be slightly larger or smaller.

How to make an injection?

  1. Clean the vial: wipe the rubber on top of the vial with alcohol and wait about a minute.
  2. Pull as much air into the syringe as you intend to draw oil (this will prevent vacuum from forming in the vial)
  3. Insert the needle and put all the air into the vial.
  4. Draw in a substance – a little more than you need
  5. Without pulling out the needle, tap lightly on the syringe until the air is at the top of the syringe ( by the needle) and then inject the air back into the vial with the excess solution.
  6. Wipe the area where you intend to inject with alcohol and wait a few seconds
  7. Pull the needle out of the vial and without hesitation stab it in the planned place (the more decisive the move you make, the less pain you will feel)
  8. Inject the solution – the speed of injection depends on the diameter of the needle, on average it is about ml/30s, but on the first injection, you can do it slower.
  9. Remove the syringe with a quick motion.
  10. Throw away the syringe – the needle cannot be used again!

Subq injection sites:

subq injection sites

Beginner testosterone cycle – cycle plan

In my opinion, 15 weeks is the optimal length for the first cycle, even though many people recommend 10-12 weeks. For the first 3-4 weeks testosterone activity is practically unnoticeable, so in the case of a ten-week cycle you actually have 6 weeks to build muscles. A 12-week cycle makes more sense, but in this case you’ll still have to buy 3 bottles of testosterone (one bottle is enough for 5 weeks at 500mg/week), so I don’t see any point in wasting the rest of the testosterone.

The first cycle should look like this:  

1-15 week:Testosterone1ml every 3.5 day
Anastrozole0.5mg every 3.5 day
16-17 week:NOTHING
18-21 week:Clomid50mg daily
Nolvadex20mg daily
1-4 week:Dianabol (optional)4x10mg daily

Since the full effects of testosterone are only visible after about 4 weeks, many people decide to use Dianabol at the same time for the first few weeks. Oral steroid effects are visible within a few days (but remember that they are hepatotoxic, so you can’t use them for too long). 

Where to buy testosterone without a prescription online?

Unfortunately, most websites offering steroids turn out to be fraudulent. Most of them completely cut off contact after paying the money, others send out “steroids”, which turn out to be very expensive oil or flour. However, these situations are not so bad – in the worst case you will lose a few hundred dollars and a few weeks of time. Sources that actually send steroids, but in order to reduce costs, other substances than those declared, are much more dangerous.

At first everything looks okay, then you get side effects that you can’t control, because you’re actually using other substances than you think. For this reason, I recommend that you buy steroids only from proven sources. Below are descriptions of three shops I use when I’m abroad.


Mypharmworld logo

This is an international pharmacy based in the United Kingdom. Its offer includes only original medicines including steroids, aromatase inhibitors and PCT agents. Prices are not among the lowest, however, the purchase does NOT require a prescription. The quality of the offered products is certainly higher than any of the “underground labs”. The pharmacy supports most of the most popular currencies, but I recommend buying in dollars or euros because of very unfavorable conversions. At the price of $5 you can buy insurance that guarantees a full refund if the shipment is lost or held by customs officers. They do not ship to the USA or Canada!

ProductHow much?Total priceLink to shop
Testosterone30x1ml256$click here
Anastrozole (Arimidex)30x1mg50$click here
Clomid30x50mg or 60x25mg65$click here
Nolvadex60x20mg64$click here
Isotretinoin(only if you have problems with acne)60x10mgclick here
Finasteride(only if you have problems with hairloss)60x1mgclick here
Total cycle cost435$


Prestige pharma

One of the oldest steroid stores. Formerly present under the .com domain, however, due to legal problems it had to suspend its activity for several years. Products offered by PrestigePharma are of very good quality. Moreover, some of the offered products come from pharmacies (PCT, Aromatase Inhibitors, Cabaser, etc.), so you can be 100% sure that they will work. In case a package is lost, the products are shipped again for free.

ProductHow much?Total priceLink to shop
Testosterone3x10ml186.3$Click here
Anastrozole (Arimidex)1 package44.1$Click here
Clomid1 package44.1$Click here
Nolvadex1 package44.1$Click here
Total cycle price318.6$


Poweroids logo

Currently one of the most popular steroid stores in the world. It has been present on the market for several years. During this time, I have had the opportunity to order funds from them several times during my stay in the USA and I have never had any comments.

Shipments always arrive faster than the one indicated on the website. When shipping to Europe, I think the waiting time is 7-10 days.  There is a livechat on the website to contact the service in case of any problems. In case of losing the shipment / stopping by customs, the money is sent again for free.

ProductHow much?Total priceLink to shop
Testosterone30x1ml144$click here
Anastrozole (Arimidex)30x1mg45$click here
Clomid30x50mg45$click here
Nolvadex30x20mg20$click here
Isotretinoin(if you are prone to acne)60x10mgclick here
Finasteride(if you are prone to hairloss)60x1mgclick here
Dianabol (optional - to kickstart the cycle)100x10mgclick here
Delivery cost- 20$Total cycle cost274$

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before the testosterone kicks in?

The time after which the first effects appear depends on the type of testosterone. In the case of propionate, the first effects (libido increase, improvement of mood) are often already visible at the end of the first week. In case of enanthate or cypionate it is necessary to wait 2-3 weeks.

The full effects of testosterone are visible after about 4 weeks of the cycle. 

What is the optimal needle length for testosterone injections?

 In the case of the subq method, the best needle size is 30G x 0.8cm (0.3″).

For the IM method, the best needle size is 25G x 2.5cm (1″).

Can testosterone increase penis size? 

Testosterone can only permanently increase the size of your penis during adolescence. During the cycle, the penis often becomes harder and can be slightly larger (max. 1cm). However, this is not caused by penis enlargement itself, but by higher blood density and higher libido.