RU58841 Review

What is RU58841?

RU58841 is a non-steroidal substance with a local anti-androgenic effect created in the 1990s by the Scottish pharmaceutical company ProStrakan. The substance has undergone 2 clinical phases of research with excellent results. Unfortunately, due to the financial problems of the company, it was not possible to conduct the 3rd phase of clinical trials. Subsequent research on the substance was suspended due to short time until the expiry of the patent, which would not allow the substance to be released on the market.

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How it works?

RU58841 is a very strong substance with a local antiandrogenic effect. Unlike drugs such as finasteride or dutasteride, which limit the conversion of testosterone to DHT, RU does not interfere with the body’s hormonal system. This substance is structurally similar to DHT and other androgens, allowing it to attach to androgen receptors located in the scalp. RU58841 binds very strongly to the receptors, thus blocking their activation by androgen hormones. As a result, it gives locally very similar effects as drugs reducing DHT levels – reduced hair loss and hair regrowth.

Side effects

In the vast majority of cases, ru58841 has no side effects due to local application only. The scalp has poor blood circulation, so the amount of substance that penetrates into the bloodstream is negligible.
In individual cases, however, side effects similar to those of finasteride or dutasteride may occur. This is usually caused by the use of too strong solvent (usually DMSO), which significantly increases ru58841 penetration capability.
In the case of standard RU + ethanol solution, side effects occur very rarely and are caused by an abnormally thin scalp or excessive blood supply. In this case, try to use a lower concentration of ethanol or to give up the substance.
Possible side effects of RU58841 include: decrease in libido, problems with erection, sluggishness during the day, mood swings and acne.
If the above mentioned symptoms appear, stop using the product. All side effects should disappear within 3-5 days.

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RU58841 gives phenomenal results. In most cases it allows to completely stop hair loss (even for people using anabolic steroids) and causes their slow regrowth.
It should be noted, however, that hair regrowth is mostly only possible if the hair has fallen out in the last 12 months. In other cases it happens quite rarely.
For the first few weeks you should expect increased hair loss. This is due to a change in the hair growth cycle.
The results of the substance should be visible to the naked eye after about 3 months.

How to use ru58841?

Approximately 1ml of RU solution at 50mg/ml should be distributed once a day in areas where hair loss occurs, using a syringe/pipette or spray, and then wait until the solution is absorbed into the scalp.

Ru58841 vs finasteride

Unlike substances such as finasteride or dutasteride, Ru58841 has a local effect, so it does not cause systemic side effects such as loss of libido, sluggishness, gynecomastia or mood changes. Studies show that it is also more effective – it gives about 20-30% better effects than finasteride.

Powder vs.  solution

Whether you should choose a powder or a solution depends on your budget. The cost of buying ru58841 in powder form is about 40% lower by volume of active substance than the solution. However, it is worth to remember about the additional costs in this case – the need to buy a scale, ethanol and propylene glycol.
Personally, I would recommend buying a solution first. If the product gives satisfactory results, then you can decide to buy powder in order to reduce costs.

Where to buy ru58841?

Ru58841 can only be bought online, except for Indonesia where it is allowed to be sold in pharmacies. Unfortunately, due to very high production costs and wholesale prices (about $1000 per 100gr) it is very easy to be scammed. Most shops selling ru58841 offer products of low quality or no declared substance at all.
Personally, I can currently only recommend one shop:

chemyo logo

It is one of the most popular SARM stores in the world.It has great reputation especially among the Reddit community. Since a few months it also has ru58841 in its offer. Its price is relatively high (about 20-30% higher than the competition), but the quality of the product definitely compensates for it. You can download a certificate of analysis confirming the purity of the product for each batch directly from the website. In case of a lost package, the product is sent again for free.
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